Top 10 Selling Mobile Phone Brand In India

India is a country with a growing number of smartphone users which leads to confusion about the best selling mobile brands. The list below will help you choose as per your requirements.

Top 10 Selling Mobile Phone Brand In India

1. Samsung

• The J series helped the company sustain its top spot
• Record-breaking sales this year

2. Xiaomi

• Revolutionized the budget smartphone market
• An aggressive approach to pricing made them a clear winner

3. Lenovo

• Have quite unsparingly managed to climb the ladder though they entered the market recently
• Internal brand share was revered with a couple of new launches

4. Vivo

• Apt for those in the mid-range segment
• The first smartphone with u under screen fingerprint scanner

5. Oppo

• Thinnest smartphone
• Had the biggest sellers in the quarter so far in India 6

6. LG

• Makes innovative phones
• Have optimized manufacturing profits and are expecting good results

7. Apple

• Have released eleven generations of models
• Have impressive features

8. Nokia

• After selling its devices to Microsoft, had a fresh start with Nokia 6 that went out of stock in a few seconds
• May dethrone Samsung in the coming quarters

9. OnePlus

• Known for its flagship killing smartphones
• Good in performance, quality, and price

10. HTC

• Developed the first ever Android smartphone
• Mid-budget high-end smartphones

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