Tours and travels the registration process in India


Everyone wishes to travel to some place, far away from their day to day routines. To relax and feel rejuvenated. Most people prefer to hire professional tours and travel to handle their travel plans. This takes away their trouble of booking the tickets, accommodation and choosing places to visit. It is no wonder thus, that tours and travels in one of the most profitable business everywhere in the world.

Now if you are planning to become tours and travel agents, then read on to know more about the registration process.


Every business needs planning. So yes, planning is the foremost part. You need to plan on how, when, where, what. These are the most important questions. A business plan is thus needed.

Decide the type of travels you want to take up

Tours and travels is a very broad spectrum which includes local, religious, international, weekend travels, one-day packages and so many more. While getting started it is better to pick up one or two categories based on your interest as well as your potential market. Slowly once the business is set up you can expand into other domains.

Legal Terms and Conditions

There are many legal terms and conditions that need to be taken care of this includes the business name, GST, company or partnership registration among other things. Licensing laws are pretty much the same in the different states, but make sure to double check. Take help from a lawyer or legal professional to get things sorted out.

Marketing and branding

Once the business name and other legal things are in place. You need to start marketing and branding. People should be able to reach out to you and find about you easily. You could start off by giving some discount and offers on bulk booking etc. Getting the right customers and keeping them happy should be your best branding strategy.

Office, finance and employees

The office set up is needed to operate your tours and travels. You would need to find out your funding sources. Getting the right kind of employees is also equally important. Once you are done with the above steps you are ready to get started with your tours and travels business in India.

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