Facebook triggers competition by introducing Avatars Emoji.

Facebook has made another approach that can help the user customize a virtual face, which can look like you. These stickers can be used in the chats as well as in the comments. These are personalized stickers. One can personalize the hairs as well as the clothes and can make the range of labels which can be used frequently. This is a better idea that can help to convey the emotion in a clearer and personalized way. From reactions to those of the faces, you will be given the freedom to express yourself to the fullest without words. This is one of the features that is going to engage people to a large extent.
This is the process of encouraging the self-expression process. This is now about to give a hard competition to the Bitmoji in the Snapchats. This feature alone could make the experience of Facebook users a bit more fun. This can visually be a way more communicative platform. This also offers religious clothing like those of the hijabs and other things. This can make the chats and the comments a bit more realistic, experience, and interesting for sure. People can customize their emoji with all the creativity and can make their personalized ones which can be used while chatting and even in these comments. This is a significant step taken by Facebook to enhance the engagement of the users.

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