How to boost video revenue with Videogram


Are you a content developer who wants to boost the video revenue? In this modern world, you can now use the power of Artificial Intelligence to do so through Videogram. Videogram was founded in June 2012, headquartered out of Tokyo. It is a Tokyo-based content discovery application centered with video media at its base. Videogram was developed with the motive of changing how people consume online media and its monetization.
Are you tired of all the scrolling to get the right video? Do you also believe that more time is wasted in finding the right video rather than viewing the required video?

Videogram is a powerful technology that works by driving engagements, enabling discoveries, analyzing audience behavior, monetizing videos on all available online video platforms in the easiest way possible.
Features of Videogram:

  1. Video Indexing: Videogram provides the fastest and the most accurate way for video indexing, thus helping you save time by not wasting it through scrolling past random videos.
  2. Design: The problems of discovering video through the help of AI solved. Our responsive designs based on AI has changed how the world perceives its video media.
  3. Personalization: Videogram technology makes personalized recommendations to its users based on data collected through previously searched titles and items. Ai makes content personalization and recommendations a successful feature of a Videogram.
  4. Integration: No one wants to view a video on any particular platform; people want to share. Videogram provides easier API/ SDK integration to any video media platform or a player like Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, .etc.

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