INDUS OS-operating First Touch

About Indus OS:

* It is also known as First-touch.
* It is an Indian mobile operating system based majorly on Android software.
* It is even referred to as ‘app bazaar.’
* It is currently working with English along with 24 Indian regional languages spoken by a wide range of Indians.
It has partnered with the giant phone brands like Intex technologies, Micromax Informatics, Gionee, Intel, *Karbonn mobiles, Trio mobiles, Elite, Swipe, Celkon, and various others.
* It was founded by three alumni of Indian Institute of Technologies, Bombay those were-Rakesh Deshmukh, Akash Dongre and Sudheer B along with them six additional supporting partners add up to build an empire for the organization.
* It gets seed investment by Hari Padmanabhan in the initial stage after that 9-12 other investors linked to make it reach hike in funding up to $13 million led by Omidyar Networks, JSW ventures, and Venture East.
* It counts more than 100 mobile devices powered by INDUS Os with ten known smartphone brand.

* Moreover, the most dignified part is that it stood second in the operating system in India within 18 months of launch.

How is it different from other operating systems?

What makes them different is there assurance, safety, security, specification of operating works. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly operation and most innovative and developing the application. It deals with variant featuring use; software’s which doesn’t depict something illegal or offensive. Due to the developing world’s linguistic diversity, the operating system has launched its operation in various Indian spoken languages, which cover 95% population used word. However, it is innovative but easy to use and understand.

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