Why Is Sms Marketing Better Than Email Marketing?

The two giant ways that are used in marketing are SMS Marketing and Email Marketing. Though each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, it might lead to confusion in choosing which one has the upper hand. Want to make sure that your marketing is effective? Sms marketing is the right choice then.

Why is SMS marketing better than email marketing?

Although Email marketing ruled for a while, with the introduction of SMS marketing, it took a back step. It is evident for users to switch to SMS marketing from email marketing due to various reasons. A few reasons are listed below.


There is no worry about the messages reaching the customer and they reading it as people always have their phones glued to their hands. According to a survey, the average SMS a person receives js just 67 a day, and there is no chance he could miss out on any message as the likelihood of viewing the message is very high. The messages reach the customer immediately, it is viewed instantly, and the reactions are immediate.

2.Short and convenient

The marketing via SMS can be done as per the convenient time for the users. Since the contents of a text message are limited to about 160 characters, the information in the SMS will be short. Thus SMS rarely gets marked as spam and gets the attention of the customers.

3.Target Audience

Not everybody will be interested in everything. For example, if you have launched a coffee brand, you will be surveying marketing. There will be three groups in the survey – coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, and non-coffee and tea drinkers. Based on the survey result, SMS marketing can be targeted only to the coffee drinkers. This saves a considerable advertising cost.

4.Open Rate

The constant challenge in marketing is grabbing the attention of the customer as there are many distractions these days. Sms marketing will grab their attention quickly as the open rate for SMS is 98%. The average time a person takes to reply is 90 seconds. This shows that SMS marketing is a direct way of grabbing the attention of customers.

5.Two-way communication

One of the main factors of marketing is customer feedback. So marketing holds value only when it is done two ways and not one way. By using codes that can be short or long in SMS service, customers can give feedback, and this ensures that they are engaged in marketing.


If you want to make changes in your marketing, it can be done at any time of the day through SMS, and this offers flexibility in marketing operations.

7 Brand recognition

No messages will be ignored just as a promotional message, and customers will get short and crisp details about your product, discounts, offers, etc. thereby increasing brand recognition.
The highlight of SMS marketing over email marketing is that even transactional SMS can be sent. What could be better?

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