What HDFC says: Beware of AnyDesk App and use it with precautions


HDFC is warning customers regarding AnyDesk App, which is used these days by fraudsters to steal your money. They use the Unified Payment Interface method to take the money. Through this app, the fraudsters gain unauthorized access to your mobile and borrow your money. HDFC further says that one way is fraudsters may ask you to download ANyDesk App and share a code with them which consists of 9 digits. When you share that code with them, they immediately get access to your mobile and carry out bank transactions without your authorization. You are not supposed to share any PIN, OTP or card details with anyone and if you find any particular message or activity or call, immediately inform the Bank.

Another way fraudster may fool you is they may call you like a representative from Tech Company or Bank that will fix your mobile banking app issues. They may ask you to download AnyDesk App through play store and will take access to your mobile when you grant permissions in your mobile unintentionally. Your mobile will come under the control of that fraudster, and he can carry out any financial transaction. Another method is they will send an SMS to you and will suggest you send it to a specific number mentioned by them. With this SMS, the fraudster will link your mobile with UPI of his mobile and can do anything from your account. The Bank says that you should not download any app in such a case or share any confidential information asked on the phone or SMS. In case you already have this app on your phone, and it is no longer needed, it is better you should uninstall this app. You should always use app lock on such payment apps.

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