IT startup Around us raises $761700 in a seed funding round

Today freelancing and temporary working facilities are increased day by day. So the companies who deal with the freelancer and temporary workers are also increased. Around us is one of them. It is basically a startup company as well as a Seoul based company. It provides a wide job platform to the freelancer and temporary workers. It mainly works in the field in entertainment industries and media industries. Now their fund has elevated up to 882 million. On Monday they announced that they won 761, 700 dollars in the round of seed funding.

Basically, the company mainly focus on young entrepreneurs in the last week. With the help of Shinhan investment, Shinhan capital, and Korean startup accelerator bank foundation, it ended the seed funding round, IT startup of this company share this news.
In the year of 2016, Around us is established and it mainly emphasizes in online audition and social recruitment. These are depended on online database just like linkedIn. But this the company only focused on freelance and temporary work which are related to entertainment and media.
The company can post through auditions and casting calls. Recruiters of this company hire freelancers and temporary workers. Freelancer and temporary workers can work like performers, production staff, etc. Usually, they hire skilled and talented persons.
On July 2018, the company had launched the web service which was the Korean version. As per the company’s recent report, the number of subscribers has increased and the number exceeds 14000 approx.

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