How to create app clones on OnePlus 7 Pro?

Keeping two same application for different use was not possible. But Android has made it possible these days with a feature that offers users to create a clone application of the one that you want. The latest smartphone of today id the OnePlus seven pro that runs on Oxygen OS 9.5. The parallel app features that if offered, allows the creation of a duplicate app and both of them can be run simultaneously on a single Android device. If your device runs on the operating system Oxygen, then you have the availability to access the feature of the clone app.

Steps to create app clones

The first step is to go to settings.
• Following that click on the utilities.
• Find parallel apps and click on it.
• Then choose the one that you want to clone from the list of application.
• You can differentiate both the form with a unique icon on one of the both that would indicate the clone app.
Thus, a user can run two WhatsApp at the same time. One for the business purpose and the other can be used as a personal one. The same thing goes with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all such other application with the use of this feature. One Plus 7 pro has many excellent features in it. This has a 90 Hz refresh rate with a quad HD+ screen. This helps the user to have a smooth viewing experience. This feature has added to the convenience of experiencing android services, and it makes it easy for users to manage their stuff in a device.

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