What are some of the most useful mobile app?

Use of smartphones has made a lot of things easier in our lives. Listening to music, playing games, watching videos, chatting over social media are some instances in which smartphones have changed our lives. There are plenty of applications in the phones as well that make sour lives a bit easier. Here are the lists of some useful application in phone:

Adobe app:
This is a great app that avails photo editing utility in the phones.
Air Droid:
Air Droid is one of the most useful applications that can help your Android device get connected to PC. This works for Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows.
Cam Scanner:
Cam scanner is one of the best applications that scan documents on mobile. One can even concert the documents in Pdf format. You can mail the scanned document or even get saved on your device
IFTTT is one of the most useful application. This creates command to be carried out so that some basics work can be automated. You can automatically save pictures on Instagram. This is a free application that is worth using.
Google Assistant:
It can just not be denied that this application has made life easier. This has two things which are loved by the users, and that is Google feed and Google Assistant, which can answer any question. The app includes a lot of stuff ranging from news to weather. You can turn on a reminder and can also turn the smart lights on.
These were some of the most useful application in smartphones. If you have not used them yet, then experience using them so that you can also make your life easier.

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