Best Mutual Fund to Build Rs 1 Crore for my Son’s Education


Most of parents want to safeguard their child’s future, education plays a very significant role in our life, we all want that children study well and for that we are anxious to fix a sound amount for our child. Mutual fund is now become the first choice of every investor you want to invest their cash. As education is become expensive to get excellent education you need to get admission in good school, colleges and for that money is the most important factor. Mutual funds scheme provide platform to the investor where they can invest their money and get good return. If you want a large corpus like 1 crore for your child education you can also choose to invest a fixed amount in a mutual funds scheme.

Now a question arises mutual funds offer various where you can invest, but to get such a large corpus you need to choose such scheme that give to long term benefit. As you want to invest for a long time say for 15 to 20 years so for that long time investment you can invest in equity mutual funds. If you can take relatively high risk than equity has the potential to provide superior return than any other schemes. If you are planning to invest in mutual fund, make sure you have included your financial risk. If you have potential to take high risk then you can also go with aggressive hybrid that offers high risk and high return policy.  Always match your risk profile before investing in long term investment.

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