Apple to Launch Four iPhones in 2020, including a low-cost model

Apple has always tried to come with updates from time to time. They have never lost their touch with the customers, and each of the products has been a success story. In addition to that, customers have been afforded the best of operating systems thus keeping them up to date in the process as well In 2020, Apple has decided to force the issue and take the entire IC sector by a storm. It has promised to launch 4 iPhones next year which includes a low-cost model as well. This is a step in the right direction with the company foreseeing the issues to be settled with a pro-active behavior since the iPhone 11 has garnered a mixed blend of emotions from the public.

Apple is going to launch 3 iPhones with OLED screens having display sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches respectively. They are going to come with the latest 5G Technology and advance 3D sensing camera technology as well. 2 of the 3 iPhones will come with 3D sensing technology for AR/VR applications.

Apple has always provided products not caring about the pricing at all. But this time around, they have decided to come with a product that is value for money for more customers than not. This model won’t feature the OLED screen or even 5G Technology, but it will be provided to the customers at a much lesser price than that of the other 3 iPhones. It will act as a cheaper replacement for iPhone 8!

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