IBM Patent details  a smartwatch with eight fold-out display that  can turn into a tablet

International Business Machines corporation shortly abbreviated as IBM is an American multinational IT company. Dealing in technology, IBM has produced a varied number of services in the market. Recently it has shown another glimpse of its technological advancements as it has decided to parent a smartwatch that can be converted into a tablet.

IBM hasn’t produced devices of this calibre before. But to come up with this idea, it was really a lot to do for the future & the kind of services IBM wants to produce in the future.
A smartwatch that converts into a tablet is really something that hasn’t been envisioned before so this is really a game changer in the market. It is going to be a wearable device that transforms into a smartphone-sized display which can then be unfolded to provide an 8-panel tablet-like interface.
It does not sound like an easy situation for the makers. To build a device as such, some careful steps would definitely have to be taken. But more than anything, this device is going to provide a never before experience for the technology geeks around the globe.
A device as such is easy to carry and provides you with the variety according to the situation. If you’re outside walking on the road, you can just use it as a smartwatch. If you can’t sit comfortably somewhere yet want to use the device, you can use the 4-panel version of it. If you want to enjoy the full-screen experience, all it takes is to unfold the device and turn it into a tablet!

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