One plus 7 Pro Oxygen OS 9.5.9 Update

One Plus 7 has come up with a new feature for its customers. It has launched Oxygen OS 9.5.9 for the device to make it a unique and much more comfortable experience for the users of the system. It has provided for greater experience and gotten rid of the issues. Some of the highlight points are as

The touch sensitivity has been improved. It was a bit of an issue in the past & the makers have tried to work on this issue.
The visual effects are much smoother that makes it for an even more engaging mobile experience for its customers.
It has also added the feature of Face unlock assistive lighting. Face unlock is an issue when you’re in the dark as it doesn’t catch your face instantly. With the addition of this feature, that problem might get solved for good.
 It has also improved the speed of auto-focus. It’s generally a problem with auto-focus since it takes some time for it to show its effect. Thus improvement of auto-focus might prove to be a relief for the users as well.
 It also adjusts the feedback of third-party app notifications.
 It has also improved in switching the camera mode from front to back quickly.
 Now it also supports VoLTE/VoWiFi for 3 SE and Telenor SE.

 There are always a few bugs in every operating system and with the launch of this operating system, One Plus 7 has attempted to fix those bugs and bring more improvement in this aspect.

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