Qualcomm 215 Mobiles Platform with Dual-Sim Dual 4G Volte, WiFi 802.11ac, Dual Rear Cameras Announced for Entry-Level Smartphones

Qualcomm 215 Snapdragon is the most recent platform to arrive on the market. It is a 64 bit CPU architecture. The advancement has been brought after the success of Snapdragon 212 which was brought into foreplay way back in 2015. It has come with several features which might lead to its success story. The improvements have been brought upon the Snapdragon 212.

The CPU structure delivers a massive boost in its performance. It is important for any device to have a better processing structure and with the advent of Qualcomm 215, the performance has definitely gotten better.
It also comes with dual ISPs for dual cameras. It means the high definition videos are going to be shot on a whole new level. Video can easily be captured at 1080p with this feature being added to the terms.
The power consumption has also improved. With greater use of the devices, the power consumption falls rapidly as well. It’s a case which needed to be worked on and with the introduction of Qualcomm 215, they have sorted out this issue as well.
It is also the first system to adopt the support for NFC payments on Android. NFC is the technology that enables contactless payments. It’s an important feature to have in today’s day & age.
It also comes with features like Ultra HD calls and Cat 4 LTE carrier aggregation. Better mode for calling is also important since calling happens on a regular basis and people want it to be as compatible as it can get.

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