Samsung Galaxy A50s Geekbench

Samsung has always tried to make technological changes in the market. They have tried to bring the revolution in the market so much so that people are always interested to look forward to their new offerings. This past February, the South Korean organization decided to bring a new model of Samsung Galaxy franchise, “Samsung Galaxy A50”. In the latest information by Geekbench, it has scored 1,685 and 5,446 points in single and multi-core tests. Here are some of the details of this model as per Geekbench:-

 Just like Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A50s is also equipped with Exynos 9610 Soc. It is an octa-core mobile processor which helps in smooth operations on your mobile phones.
 It serves 4G RAM as well. With a great processor & a good amount of RAM, any mobile phone would serve its cause & Samsung has always believed in using the best of technology.
 The dimensions and the weight of the phone are also going to differ with that of A50. It might be a lighter phone in comparison.
 The Camera set up and the display will also be changed for this phone. People had a mixed bag of feelings about A50’s display and camera standards thus the company is trying to make a change with A50s.
 It will get a night mode as well while also serving with slow-mo video recording just like A50.
 The model will also differ from A50 in terms of battery as well. A50s might just be equipped with a better battery as per the sources.

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