What is 5G -the real and Super Fast

5G is a term to describe the next generation of mobile networks. It wasn’t a long time back when 2G was introduced into the market. Then came 3G & it was followed by the 4G network. With each change made, technology has kept becoming better providing faster services all around the world. Within a couple of years, 5G will also become a big prospect.

In the US, the technology has already been provided at a few places. AT&T has served Wi-Fi services of the 5G network to a number of people across 12 cities of the country. Verizon has also started promoting the 5G services as its own although a number of changes are required to cope up with the requirements of
the services!

It is believed that the 5G network will bring a whole new definition to the term “fast”. It has promised to be 20 times faster than that of the 4G network. It’s an unbelievable increase in the speed of the network but that’s what most customers across the world demand. A more than ever faster network!
5G can be helpful in services rendering technology. The slow networks have proven to be a problem for IT hubs but when 5G will arrive, the problem will get solved as all the technology related firms will have a better network to work with.

Furthermore, 5G services will require new smartphones which can cope up with the network. Thus mobile production companies will have to make a route for enabling 5G services in their latest pieces of mobile phones!

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