Why is my iPhone Slow? 7 tips to keep your iPhone running  like its new


iPhone is one of the greatest luxuries of life. People who want to use the best of mobile services, opt for an iPhone. But after a certain point of time, an iPhone might stop showing its character as well and lead to several problems.

7 ways to maintain your iPhone like a new one

  1. Keep your apps up to date. It’s a basic requirement for any operating system out there. All the apps come with updates every now & then. It becomes important to keep them updated so that they operate the best way possible.
  2. Don’t keep the items and apps that are taking over your storage meaninglessly. It happens with all of us. We have these items in our space which deserves to be sent into the trash but we keep them which hampers the processing of the system.
  3. Try to stop the automatic background apps & processes. The most amount of the time when we turn on our data, some apps meaninglessly take over the data as well as the operating system. Thus, it is necessary to try & kill those background processes.
  4. Try to reduce the graphics as well. Sometimes people try to use very high definition wallpapers and logos of different apps to make it look cool. But they fail to realize that it affects them the performance of the phone.
  5. Replace the battery of the system after a particular point of time. The battery is something which drains quickly and becomes inefficient as well after a point. The phone might charge slowly, the percentage of battery might decrease fast with age. It is very important to replace the battery.
  6. Keep it away from the dust. especially the ports in the phone for plugging in the headphones and the chargers. Otherwise, they might not work properly or stop working altogether and lags might take place.
  7. If nothing is working.the restore to factory settings needs to be used. It deletes all the data on your phone and keeps only those apps and that data which was there when you newly bought the phone.

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