Samsung Ventures Invest $8.5 Million In 4 Indian Startup; To Support Over 100 Startup In 3-5 Years

The South Korean technical giant, Samsung’s investment wing, Samsung venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) makes a statement on Wednesday. It says that significant investment had been made in India, with approximately 8.5b million dollars into four of the Indian startups. There are many startups across the globe where SVI has claimed its investment. The value of the assets which are under the management of SVIC is $2.2 billion. However, SVIC hopes to make a big leap by investing in 100 more startups in the coming three to five years.

All About The Startups And Investment

The startups exclusively picked up by SVIC include the system applications company Os Labs. It is responsible for the running of Indus Operating system, IOT solution of Silvan Innovation labs, etc. Samsung aims at working closely with a group of startups which have got a spark in their vision so that they can create purposeful and innovative technologies. According to the statement of SVIC, they have made 8.5 million dollars of investment in four companies so that they can grow. The SVIC closely observes the early growth stage of the companies. It is how they pick companies for investment.
India is now at a pace, as far as the growth of the technology is concerned. Thus, SVIC is inculcating particular interest to establish emerging startups in India for a brighter technological future ahead.

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