Whatsapp Status: Easy Ways To Download Videos And Photos Of Your Contacts

WhatsApp is a renowned social networking site that is dominantly used all over the world. The company has regularly been introducing all the required updates to the application. It will allow the users to enjoy the latest features in the app. It is what that keeps the users hooked on to the app.

One thing that WhatsApp lacks is that it does not allow the users to download the status images or videos which are in the status of contacts. There are no such official ways prescribed to download the media content. However, there are some ways with the help of which they can be downloaded. Some of the methods are enlisted here as follows:
Screen Recorder:
Screen recorder is one of the ways with which you can save your status. You may have a built-in one to get it downloaded.
Whatsapp Status Downloader:
There is much application that is available in the market, giving the allowance other’s status to download.
• File Manager:
WhatsApp has a cache file where there is media content that you can save consisting of all the video and pictures that you have seen using the application. All you need to do is to copy and move the file to the folder you want.
These were some of the possible ways with the help of which you can download the WhatsApp status. These are the hacks that can be used to save the media content on the state of people.

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