Youtube To Be Available On Amazon Fire TV; Prime Video Come To Chromecast, Android Tvs

After a minor dispute between Amazon and Google, the official YouTube found its way back to the Amazon fire TV after a year at an approximate. With the latest move, the users of the Fire TV sticks and the users of Fire 4K can now have YouTube application. Chromecast and Android TV and Amazon Originals have the access of the Amazon prime videos. The debut of the Amazon and YouTube streaming applications were announced back in April. With this, the equation between Amazon and Google turn out to be mending.

Peeping Into The Details

Fire stick users can enjoy using the YouTube application. The latest app of YouTube is designed so that it can work with Alexa. Thus, this means you can just not open YouTube but can pause, resume, and fats forward remind and do all of these by just passing vocal commands. In the months which will be coming ahead, YouTube and YouTube kids will be brought to the Fire TV as mentioned by Google through one of its posts.
By going to the Google play, all the Android users can get their Amazon Prime Video through the Google store. To swiftly work on the native platforms, both off the giant companies mended their disputes and agreed to allow each other’s video to the video streaming applications.

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