8 startups that are using emerging technologies to make life easier

Startups aren’t a new thing, but the concepts and ideas that they aim to turn into the business are always new. In a world where digitalisation has taken over, and there’s no powerful driving force than technology, there are these eight startups that have made improving lives their sole motto by using the latest technology.

Have a look at some of them!
1. Civil Cops
Co-founded by Ashish Sharma, this India based start-up aims at building tech products for smart cities promoting a social intelligence organization.
2. Facilio
This Atlanta based startup has its branches in India and UAE, and the firm provides operations and maintenance solutions. The kick here is that the company is living in years ahead of our thinking by using IoT and AI to manage building operations.
3. Oxfordcaps
Creating a technology-enabled community; this startup works with the subject of offering technology-enabled student shelter to students across India and Singapore.
4. Rezo.ai
The couple Manish and Rashi Gupta form this startup. Yes, you heard it right! The famous IITian couple developed the company to automate customer experience with AI.
5. Zunroof
This startup is all about renewable energy as solar rooftops via image processing, VR is the products that are offered.
6. MyGate
Adopted by popular brands like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and Grofers My Gate works on Smarter security for safe community living.
7. Happay
This fintech startup is probably one of the fastest-growing one that is founded by Anshul Rai, who is its CEO, and Varun Rath. The company pushes the technology of Hi-tech enterprise expense management system.
8. Shoes on loose
Along with the name, this India based startup is a result of the innovative thinking of CEO Mohit Poddar. The organization revolves around the goal of adhering experiential travel with WhatsApp automation.

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