Get the Supreme IT Solutions with SITSL (Shubhashish IT Services Limited)


SITSL is a CMMI Level 3 Appraised IT solutions provider offering IT services likes web, mobility, Chatbot, AR/VR development, cybersecurity, and digital marketing solutions to the clients in more than 16 countries. In a short period, the company has marked its presence in the USA, UK, France, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Singapore and Saudi Arabia and planning soon to expand to new locations including Germany and the Caribbean. Their teams of developers have accomplished thousands of projects. Smart software solutions are being developed powered by AR/VR technologies, which help in solving the actual business problems, irrespective of its significance. Also, the company uses the latest technologies like AI, Blockchain, cybersecurity, and Salesforce.

Mohit Jajoo is the CEO of SITSL. He founded in the company in 2015, and the head office is in Houston, Texas United States. He believes that IT is an essential part of any business and is working hard to turn SITSL as one of the leading brands of the country in the next three years. The company has an estimated revenue of $ 1M annually. SITSL has developed an alliance with various renowned firms such as IBM, Shopify, PayPal, Amazon Web Services, and Redhat. Coca-Cola, FM Tadka, UNICEF, ICICI Bank, Titan, Vogue Magazine, Dreamers, Vouch, and NSB, are some of its key clients.

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