When to withdraw your money from the mutual funds?


No one can’t dissent from the fact that they feel immense joy while seeing their money growing exponentially or at a reasonable pace. The next thing that would strike their mind is to estimate the right time to withdraw their money from the mutual funds. So when you should withdraw your money? Here is a descriptive list of tips that can help. Have a look!

• If you need money for a planned expense and we’re saving for it invariably and implicitly then there is no better time to withdraw the money other than the occasion. You can always take your money out once you reach the saving goal.
• Even if you don’t reach your saving goal then in case of emergency withdrawing the money does no harm. You need to save sometimes just to prepare for the emergency so, at times when a in the adverse situation would be knocking at your door, you would have adequate amounts.
• If you want to change the category of funds you are invested in as your long term goals are approaching soon.
Winding up
You should be aware of the fact that except for emergencies, all other planned withdrawals are susceptible to the effect of exit load and income tax. So plan well and withdraw only when you need your money.

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