5 Indian startups focusing on engineer’s employability issue


The engineering sector has been a popular career choice for people for a decade due to which there are emerging employment issues which have now gained a serious part of the public interests. There is a constant increase in the number of engineers which pass out each year is also putting forward another issue, and that is the lack of skills of the candidates. The shift towards the automation of the things is leading to the downfall of the skills of the engineers. Here is a guide which can enlighten readers about some Indian startups which are encouraging the growth of employment of the engineers.

1. Bridgelabz:
This is one of the leading startup solution providers which focuses on the employment issues in the engineering sector.
2. Pesto:
This is a company which runs a 12 weeks Boot camp for software engineers where the skills of the engineers are groomed.
3. Skill Lync:
Skill-Lync is a startup based in Chennai where engineering tips are shared to the students. Valuable and skill-based courses are offered to students.
4. Imarticus:
This is a leading educational company that trains engineering aspirants professionally. The programs they include are pre-degree, degree, and post-graduation. This has encouraged the employment of engineers by imparting them with rick skills.
5. Baabtra:
This is one of the perfect platforms for the undergraduates where they can develop their skills leading to a bright future in the engineering sector.
Thus, these were some of the Indian startups which have taken the initiative to encourage employment.

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