6 Tips to Keep your Smartphone Safe from Unsecured Apps


Can you actually trust the apps present on your phone, there are thousands of apps that don’t follow the rules specified by the industry and may steal all the private and personal information stored on the phone including images, passwords, dates and card details.

Here are some important tips to keep your phone safe from the unsecured apps available in the market:

Tip 1: Always use a Password Manager, to keep all your passwords encrypted and stored in a password-protected app. There are several apps that offer to save passwords for you but experts always prefer Password Manager.

Tip 2: Think twice before giving app permissions, because an app asks for access to the data on your phone which may not be relevant to its function is a major danger sign.

Tip 3: Research about the app you are going to download. Search on the internet the name of the app along with words ‘scam’ or ‘scandal’, the results would be really helpful.

Tip 4: Keep the Software on your phone updated, as this helps in keeping the data safe and these updates help you stay one step ahead of the hackers and their tricks.

Tip 5: Download apps from Trustworthy and official stores such as Google Play Store or Apple’s store. The apps available on these stores are assured of quality and safety.

Tip 6: Install a good Antivirus on your smartphone, to protect your phone from hackers and viruses, some of the software has additional features like VPN.

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