How to make mutual fund investment in FY2019-20


The start of every new financial year is a great time to plan your finances. One should review the investment portfolio of finances once a year. Many financial planners suggest investment in mutual funds as it is one of the most popular modes of investing the finance. The expected future of the investment is known to the investor in mutual fund investment. So, most of people choose mutual funds as a mode of investment.

For beginners, investing in SIPs (systematic investment plans) is recommended as it is the simplest method where funds are overlooked and managed by Asset under management. If you are investing in SIPs, you do not have to worry about tax planning. It is studied that SIP investors always make more money than other investors in consecutive years. Investing in mutual funds provide ample opportunities to the fund managers; they can go for short-term or long-term investment.
Financial expert advice to the potential investors to invest in corporate bond funds and short duration funds in this financial year. Different mutual fund companies are providing various facilities for investors who are investing for less than a year. The advance risk management tools help to keep your money safe and get the investors benefited in terms of huge profit at the end of the term.

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