Microsoft Word For Android Has Been Installed For More Than 1 Billion Times


Microsoft has achieved a remarkable milestone. The Android edition has crossed the mark of 1 billion of installations as peer the figures shown by the Google Play store. Other applications of the company are also performing well in the market. Apps like those of excel, spreadsheet, One Note, PowerPoint, One Drive, etc. have more than 500 million installations. But few sources even point out that the figures are just not downloads from the Google Store. There are some manufacturers with which Microsoft has an agreement to have some of its application pre-installed.

Bill Gates Note

The milestone achieved by the company gave an Ironical image. Bill Gates said in an Interview that the mistake he made was missing out the mobile Operating system industry. He just noted that there is only one competitor, and that is iOS. But that was not the case. With the change of time, many competitors emerged, taking over in different fields. The mobile efforts of Microsoft are observable. There is a considerable market penetration that is being accessed by the company with the application for android.
The achievement of the company would be a massive milestone in the mobile Operating system world for the company. The features of the application are quite feasible enough for the users, which makes the app worth using.

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