Spam e-mail costs Satellite firm Rs 52L

Clicking is a spam e-mail can cost us a lot. The cyber criminals make the use of the spam e-mails so that they can gather their part of the information. A mishap took place where a company lost Rs. 52.75 lakhs just by clicking on spam from the overdraft account of the company. Pravin Solanki, the account manager of the company, filed a complaint against this mishap in the Cyber Crime Cell.

Statement of Pravin Solanki

According to his statement, one of the company got in touch with him to extend the information to him that his phone is unreachable. On contacting the service provider, they said that there is a request made to them where the cellphone number is to be canceled. There were two or three days where the services on his phone were suspended between the 28th of May and 4th of June. He thought that it might be a network issue. Again he added that the bank customer care told him that he had received a request for the reset of password. He then asked to email the account, and then he realized that more than 52 lakhs had been withdrawn from the account.
Thus it is recommended to take necessary care before clicking on spams and keep changing the e-mail password regularly. Set strong passwords. On losing phone inform the bank. Following all these tips, you won’t fall prey to these mishaps.

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