What do School Books in Britain Say about India

Britain conquered and ruled more than half of the world, and for them, it is a matter of pride rather than the same. Hence they would teach their children about the epic stories of their great grandfathers. In the history books, they are interpreted as how great their nation was in medieval times. The events such as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre are missing in their history books as it clearly shows the dark side of their past.

It is quite unlikely that any colonial country would like to spill beans on the atrocities it had done in the past to its present as well as future generations and Britishers are no different.

The subject of colonization is taught in a completely different light in the history books. Hence, this subject of ruling India is shown as an example of British exceptionalism and national pride. The syllabus of their history books depicts how the British people have done great justice to the countries they have ruled and brought forward these backward countries into the mainstream modern world.

More importantly, it can differ from school to school based on the authors of their books. Just like history books in India give to have a detailed description of the British influence. Similarly, their books will show their point of view, where India is portrayed as a rich country but a weak colony due to its situations and agitations and fell in the hands of Britain.

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