Which phone is better, iPhone or One Plus?

 iPhone or One Plus, it all depends on how you plan to use your phone. If you need flexibility and download a lot of stuff, then One Plus is a great choice and if you want a mobile phone with a very smooth ecosystem, then iPhone is the perfect one for you.

On one hand where One Plus comes in different choice of colors such as mirror black, silk white, and midnight black, while on the other hand, iPhone offers only plain white and black color choices.

Here are some comparisons between iPhone and One Plus, which may help you decide which one is better.

  • One Plus phones are less costly than the much-hyped iPhone while having the almost same specifications, performance, and premium design.
  • One Plus phone runs on the same chips as the iPhone, despite being lower in price.
  • The performance of One Plus is outstanding as compared to its most popular competitor, One Plus has an extra RAM which makes switching between apps and swiping around One Plus devices feels fluid and fast.
  • The design of One Plus phones are beautiful and made with premium materials such as glass and metal.
  • One Plus phones run on a simple and clean version of Android that is free from all the extra and useless stuff.
  • iPhone comes with a lot of extra features which may not be available in One Plus, however before choosing between iPhone and One Plus make you think about whether you really need those software or not.

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