Why Investing in Bitcoin is Different than Investing in Stocks?

While a whole lot of people are skeptic about the future of Bitcoin, those investing in the digital currency have ripped remarkable benefits in a short span of five years. The money, unlike stocks, has its own set of rules and is not governed by market speculations. The rising tension among the Asian countries like China, India, and in Venezuela has sparked a race to invest in boundary-less currencies. Over the years the coin has given more than 22,000 percent returns is nearly impossible on any of the stocks. On the other hand, the blue-chip companies provide an average performance of 150 percent in the same time frame, that is, in five years. This has created a rage among the investors who are looking for ways to gain as much as possible.

The reason why the digital currency has taken all the market is that the digital currency is the best option for retirement. Probably the best thing to have as a retirement plan is having a few Bitcoins in the pocket. The returns are enormous, and it is going to grow every day. The coin is not legalized in many countries, but as soon as it gets legal, the best way to plan your future is to invest in the currency. The coin has a vast technical infrastructure not bound to any country. This makes it the most significant asset among all other things.

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