Why Is Ratan Tata Not As Rich As Mukesh Ambani?


If the background of both renowned entrepreneurs is to compare, then it can be noted that they share a similar sort of background. They complete their MBA from the top universities of the World. Mukesh Ambani pursued his MBA from Stanford University. Rattan TATA happened to do his MBA from Harvard University. Comparing them in terms of their wealth, it reveals that Ambani is richer than that of TATA.

A Fine Line Of Difference: Modesty

There is just one attribute of Ratan TATA that distinguishes him from Ambani, and that is the “Modesty.” Tata donated a total of 66% of the annual profit. The revenue generated by the TATA group of industries is 118 $ billion. The revenue generated by reliance industries was 44$ billion in the same year. In India, there is no other industrialist other than TATA who have such a determined mindset. The mindset is to giveaway a lion shares of the revenue generated by the industry for the sole purpose of the donation.
It is the reason that distinguishes Mr. TATA from Mr. Ambani in terms of the assets, possessions, and wealth. Jaguar and Land Rover are some of the sophisticated creations of Mr. Ratan Tata. But on the other hand, he introduced Nano as well so that the economically weaker section of the Indian society can have four-wheelers.

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