11 start-ups showcase solutions under Intel India’s Plugin programme


Intel India revealed that there were 11 Indian startups that provided the best solutions to their problems under the plug-in programme.

Under this programme, Intel desired to see solutions regarding some of the major issues & guessing by the response, Intel was impressed by the solutions provided by these up & coming organizations in the market.
All the organizations made sure of working on prototypes so that they can help the initiative.
They leveraged their tools, their principles, their funding, their mentorship and their relationship with the ecosystem.

They worked hard to get noticed by Intel regarding their performance over the period of time.
The products produced by Intel were presented in a better & unique way that can attract the organization.

The finance involved was increased and the use of resources was on an up to as well so that they can produce the kind of the product which can provide the ultimate satisfaction to Intel.
Intel Corporation vice president Nivruti Rai revealed that 11 start-ups were chosen from the variety of organizations throughout the country.

According to Nivruti, five of these organizations were revenue generating, 3 were performing customer trials while the rest are in the last stage of product development.

These 11 start-ups were praised & hailed as the next big things in the country. It has been said that these organizations have got great ideas and with the right amount of finances involved, they can really do wonders within the country based on the ideas that they have got with themselves.

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