11-year-old iPhone 6 catches fire, Apple Investigating

An 11-year-old iPhone user has revealed that her iPhone 6 caught fire, she saw some sparks flying and then she realized what has exactly happened. Kayla Ramos said that it made holes in the blanket as soon as she threw it. She even informed that she uses her iPhone only to watch some videos on Youtube and sometimes her siblings play some games on it. A media report said, that the apple is investigating the matter. The company even asked the user to send some pictures as evidence and ship the phone to the retailer.

As per Data, Apple has started their investigation about the reason behind the incident and will ship a new phone to her. She further added, “I will never sleep with it next to me. I agree that we all charge our phone a lot and maybe because of overheating it happened.”

Apple specifies the points related to the usage of any valid Apple products like charging cables, can be one of the reasons behind such accidents. Any external damage gets even cause the phone to catch fire. And this is not the initial time when we all are hearing about “Apple catches fire” news.

Previous year an Ohio man revealed that his 3-week-old iPhone exploded when it was in his pocket. Josh Hillard said that the phone was in his pocket when he felt the heat, and even see smoke.

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