5 Best Apps to Quit Smoking


Smoking is a bad habit as we all already know. People might start smoking just to figure out how it feels but before someone realizes, it becomes a habit. A person might want to get rid of the habit but it just doesn’t move away. The habit stays with you and it sticks every single day of your life with every single breath. But there are apps available on iPhone & Android systems that can help you quit smoking.

  1. My quit coach:– My quit coach is available for you on your phones at free of cost. It creates a personalized plan which will help you to reduce smoking and one day get rid of it completely. There’s a large inbuilt community that might help you as well. It’s available for iPhones.
  2. Quit now:– It is available for both Androids & iPhone operating systems. It provides you with 70 ex-smoker achievements which can keep you motivated and helps out on getting rid of smoking.
  3. Smoke-free:- An app which has a great rating for both Android & iPhone, Smoke-free provides scientific techniques to help you out.
  4. Kwit:- This app provides you with different games that you can play and unlock achievements in order to quit smoking.
  5. Stop smoking within 2 hours:- An app created by Jason Vale provides for 2 one-hour audio sessions which will persuade you to quit smoking. Although this app is designed only for Android phones till now, it has been very useful for people who smoke regularly.

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