5 best smartphones under Rs 10,000 [July 2019]

It’s for the fact that people look to buy products which are economical and provides them with the required benefits. That’s why people opt for smartphones under the price tag of Rs. 10000. Here are five best smartphones under Rs 10,000:-

1 Honor 9N:- A mobile phone coming for 9,999, Honor 9N is just the phone that anyone would desire. Beginning with a 4 GB RAM supported by 64 GB internal memory, Honor 9N provides you with the benefits that might shock people considering the lesser worth of the phone.
2 Samsung Galaxy M20:- Samsung has been providing mid-range mobile phones with the best of features as of late. This mobile phone is one example of the latest strategy of the company. Coming with a 3GB RAM & 32 GB internal storage, 9.990 isn’t a high price.
3 Realme U1:- Now that Realme is a brand of its own splitting hands with Oppo, it has released products that anyone can afford to have. A price tag of 8,990, Realme U1 has 3GB RAM with 32GB storage. It supports the dual rear camera.
4 Samsung Galaxy M10:- Coming with a handy battery of 3400 mAh, dual rear camera, fast face unlock, it’s hard to believe this product is worth only Rs. 7,990.
5 Redmi 7:- This phone is worth Rs 8,999 and Mi has never had trouble justifying its price tag. Coming with a power-packed battery of 4,00 mAh, Redmi 7 supports 3GB RAM & 32GB storage with the dual rear camera as well!

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