65% north Indians not equipped to check home safety threads

Home safety is the most important thing to secure house and life. When it comes to safety, people should give it a priority but there are still 64% people of north India staying without any home safety. Everyone wants to stay safe and secure but there are certain threads that people have to deal with. Risk is everywhere, like the risk of burglaries, fire, robberies, sort circuit etc. there are certain report and analysis has made to know that how many people are equipped with home safety. Godrej locks “Har Ghar Surakshit” campaign was to promote home safety across many parts of India. This nationwide campaign motive was to make people aware of safety and make them know how they can keep safe their valuables with burglaries, robberies and others.

In this digital age, the safety also becomes digital this campaign was also made a report of people perception of home safety. As India is a place where millions of people stay with their families, and home is such a place where we keep all are ornaments, documents, cash, and other important things. It requires protection but people of north India are lagging behind in upgrading even a primary source of protection of their homes.  In India only 40% of people use locks and among them, only 20% of people change locks every 2 to 3 years of tenure. There can be any reason for this, maybe due to poverty or lack of knowledge they avoid using home safety.

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