Apple Starts Exporting Made In India iPhones to Europe

A few years back Apple started its production in India itself. The reason behind it was to support the initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi called “Make in India”.

Thus the contract manufacturer for Apple named Wistron started producing iPhones in India in 2016.
Ever since Wistron has produced units on a large scale and has used resources in India to their maximum potential. India comprises of large population and the majority of the people love technology, especially mobile phones and other similar electronic devices.
Recently, a report came out stating that the iPhones which are produced in India are being exported to European countries. The iPhone 6S & iPhone 7 are being exported on a large scale from India to Europe. In fact, the numbers are speaking for itself as Apple has exported more than 1 lakh units each month.
The sales are benefiting Apple for sure but it has provided a huge advantage to India and its market as well. Since the resources used belong to India, people are rooting for those resources and might lead to buying other technological products as well which belong to India. The more the exports are, the better it is for any economy.
The iPhones are getting produced in Bangalore, the biggest IT hub in the country. All the resources are available there which are required to manufacture iPhones. Ever since early 2018, Wistron has backed Bangalore to be the right place for the production.

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