Apple Tests iCloud Sign-In Using Face ID, Touch ID in Beta

Apple has come up with new features with its latest updates, as is the case with any update from any operating system. It is trying to come up with new features anytime soon. Right now, they are in the process of testing the new features.

Apple is trying to come up with an iCloud sign in using Face & Touch ID. Before, you could sign in to iCloud filling your details. 9to5Mac has revealed that if you’re a beta user of Apple’s latest operating system, you will be able to use this feature where you can sign in to iCloud using Face ID or Touch ID. It is asked on the Beta version if a user would like to sign in using biometrics.

It is the part of Apple’s sign in the module. Apple has decided to provide more security to its users regarding the sign-ins. Before signing into iCloud was very easy, and any person could enter into anyone’s account quickly, which was a concern of privacy. Apple had to work on this issue at any cost. That’s when they decided to come up with a new feature of signing on using Face ID & Touch ID. Biometrics isn’t a revolutionary concept. It has been used before as well by the IT giants. The leading IT Enterprise Microsoft came up with this concept a long time back & guessing by the current scenario; Apple has taken it on itself to test this feature as well.

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