How to disable battery optimization for Google Photos and other system apps on OnePlus devices


Most people prefer to use the function of battery optimization in their mobile phones. It has a lot to do with the fact that battery drains quickly and no one likes to plug in the charger time & time again.

Everyone becomes sick of charging the battery regularly and it doesn’t help the battery life either if you keep charging your phone on a constant basis.
Some phones make it easy for you to optimize your battery whatever the way you intend to do it.

But OnePlus devices offer limited use of battery optimization. It might prove to be a threat to your Google photos and other system apps since it can lead to an error in the progress of backups.
In that case, you cannot trust automation. Rather, you need to manually open photos and do go through the process and not face the problems but it is a very tricky process.
Since OnePlus offers limited use of battery optimization, you can look to disable the battery optimization for some apps.

Some steps that need to be followed for disabling battery optimization are:-
 Open Settings on your phone
 Click on the battery option
 There will be an option of “Battery Optimization”, click on that option
 List of all the apps that are optimized will be seen, click on Google photos or any other app you want to disable from getting optimized.
 Two options will appear, “Optimize” & “Don’t Optimize”. Click on the later and you have successfully disabled battery optimization for the app.

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