Kabir Singh Movie Clocks 250 Crore


Kabir Singh has been a rage on the box office. The movie which was released on 3100 screens has surpassed all the trade calculations and has earned enormous numbers. Recently, it has gone past the 250 crore figure. Not only that, it has become the 10th biggest grosser of all time in Hindi Cinema.

The movie opened with figures of 20 crores on an opening day and received positive reviews.

Even though a lot of films have released in the next few weeks, Kabir Singh is still doing a fantastic job.

A Shahid Kapoor starrer, it was made on a budget of 60 crores. It received an “A” certificate. The anticipation surrounding the film was huge but numbers were supposed to come in such a big amount considering it wasn’t a family film.

However, Kabir Singh went past all the speculations and all the criticism to earn an “All time Blockbuster” tag. Usually, a Shahid Kapoor film hardly earns 70 crores but this film surpassed his previous best collections within 3 days which is truly remarkable.

The producers have earned their profits but the distributors of the film are the ones who have received the most amount of profits. They have received the profits more than they would have asked for.

It also becomes profitable for the producers since the distributors would like to distribute more of the same producer’s films in the time to come as well.

The actors and the director have earned a huge amount of recognition for the film too. All in all, it has been beneficial for all stakeholders.

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