Samsung invest around Rs 60 crore in  4 Indian startup


Samsung is one of the biggest organizations in the entire world dealing in electronic devices. It has always desired to be better & better by growing business on a larger scale.

Recently, Samsung decided to invest in 4 Indian startups.
These startups include OsLabs,, Silvan innovation labs and a computer vision startup whose name has yet not been disclosed.

The idea behind stepping into these organizations have a lot to do with the fact that Samsung is looking for new ideas to invest. The organization knows that investing in new ideas can prove to be profitable in the Future and thus decided to execute a genius plan of stepping into Indian startups.
It’s the first time Samsung has decided to invest in a project in India. It has a lot to do with the fact that the Indian market is a huge market with people having different tastes and preferences.

The investment in each organization ranges from 7 crores to 35 crores, it has yet not been revealed how much has been invested exactly in each organization. Considering the debut for Samsung in terms of investments in India, there remains no reason why people don’t get surprised.
In fact, a resource has revealed that Samsung doesn’t want to stop here with its investments.

It wants to invest in 100 such projects in the next three to five years depending upon the fact if as many organizations make them interested. If not, such investments might not be done in the first place.

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