Some top YouTube stars applauded the company’s change to its copyright infringement tools


Recently, a new feature was added by YouTube in its latest version. A time stamp feature that detects the policy violation, YouTube has worked hard to bring out this feature since a feature like this was the requirement for a very long time.
Copyright has always been an issue on YouTube.

People copy the content of other You Tubers shamelessly and sometimes earn a good chunk of money for it as well. 2 to 3 years back almost everyone with a great number of views used to get paid a very solid amount.

But YouTube realized how content was getting copied and people were getting paid unnecessarily and thus they made strict rules against the copyright issues.
With the addition of the new feature, the original content maker wouldn’t have to specifically go to the copied video and claim copyright at it.

This feature with automatically detect if your content has been copied and will allow such content maker to take actions against it.
Some famous YouTubers like Mr Beast and Philip DeFranco applauded the addition of the new feature.
They felt it was important for them to have a feature like this since it is hard to pinpoint at a video that has been harshly copy-pasted.

It steals away the limelight from the actual video and might even result in the decrease of the deserving views since people won’t watch the same content again if they have already watched the copied version of it.

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