These five phones of Huawei will get EMUI 9.1 this month

Huawei is riding on success at the moment. The mobile phones are selling like a rage across the globe. The quality of the products has been appreciated by most of the people and the company is enjoying an overwhelming success. Since the number of customers has become larger after sale services need to occur on a rapid basis. That’s when Huawei has come up with an update EMUI 9.1.
People will start enjoying this update by the end of July. This update has been provided to 5 phones, some of the leading products for the organization in the market.

 Huawei Mate RS
 Huawei Mate 10
 Huawei Mate 10 Pro
 Huawei P20
 Huawei P20 Pro

The update has been confirmed in South Africa and it is yet to be seen in which other places are they going to provide these updates. Usually, Huawei provides all its updates across the globe and implements it similarly. Other than these 5 devices, there are going to be other devices as well which gets the same updates by next month. It is important for Huawei to carry forward with the success and
apply what is working universally and that’s what they look to do by August.
This new update comes with camera improvements, GPU Turbo 3.0, EROFS file system etc. It has fixed a few bugs from the previous update for a better user-friendly experience. The update has gotten positive updates from its users till now.

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