Top 3 Logistics Company in Bengaluru

  1. DTDC Courier Cargo Ltd.:– Bangalore is known to be a city where most of the production takes place within the country, especially the production regarding Information Technology. DTDC Courier Cargo Ltd. was found in 1990 whose headquarters are in Bangalore. Interestingly, most of the logistics companies in the country have its headquarters in Bangalore. DTDC Courier Cargo Ltd has been performing these services for nearly a decade and that sets it apart from any other Logistic company.
  2. Atlas Logistics Pvt. Ltd:– It is one of those few organizations within the country that provides for a wide range of services in terms of logistics. Most of the organizations either deal in transportation or they deal in freight, some of the organization deal in shipping and some deal in supply chain solutions.
    But Atlas Logistics Pvt. Ltd deals in all the operations that are required for a Logistics organization. It serves it with a wide range of customers. No matter what the need of a customer is regarding logistics,
    Atlas Logistics Pvt Ltd deals in all the aspects and all the services.
  3. Snowman Logistics Ltd:As the name is suggesting as well, this organization provides for the coolest of warehouses. In a place like Bangalore, the temperature is always an issue. The higher temperature hampers the quality of goods and services. Thus it requires the warehouses to be such that temperature doesn’t remain an issue for any goods and services. Snowman Logistics Ltd. has a customer dedicated services which are the most important thing at the end of the day.

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