Top 3 Logistics Company in Gurugram

  1. Pacific International Logistics:Set up in Mahipalpur, it might seem an unknown name to the rest parts of the country. But in Gurugram, Pacific International Logistics has earned itself a huge name.
    Logistic services are not time-bound most of the times. More time can be taken but the safety of the goods & services has to be maintained. Pacific International Logistics has believed in having these services to be more driven by safety than by the time is taken. Pacific International Logistics is unique in its services in comparison to the other organizations.
  2. Bright Cargo Services:Most organizations in North India deal in various cities. Bright Cargo Services is doing its job in Delhi but has spread its services to Gurugram as well. It has a lot to do with the fact that the organization has been very successful in Delhi. Thus there remains no reason why it cannot spread its business in the smaller cities as well. Especially in a city like Gurugram where Logistic services aren’t
    half as good, Bright Cargo Services comes as a shining spot.
  3. Load book:Load book is providing its services across North India. A prominent name in Noida as well as Lucknow, Load book doesn’t shy away from being a top Logistics organization in Gurugram as well.
    Load book doesn’t have an as big customer base in Gurugram if you compare its customer base in Noida as well as Delhi but it will grow over time as new organizations enter the market in Gurugram.

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