Top 3 You Tubers by Subscribers Base

YouTube is a great place for earning a regular income. It’s the only place where you might not even work for a particular amount of time, say a month, still get paid for doing nothing in that period. Passive income has been one of the biggest reasons why people want to be You Tubers and make a good amount of money from it.

The 3 most subscribed You Tubers are:-

  1. T-Series:– The only YouTube channel with more than 100 million subscribers, T-Series is an Indian music company that has enjoyed great success on YouTube. The channel presents video songs, teasers, trailers regarding Indian film industry and independent music as well. A few months back T-Series way behind the top You Tuber PewDiePie but now they have taken over that channel handsomely.
  2. PewDiePie:- Ironically PewDiePie had entered the 100 million subscriber zone but it had to face the tragedy of losing subscribers. There was a real-time war going around between T-Series & PewDiePie. Majority people sided by T-Series which resulted in PewDiePie losing a great sum of subscribers. The channel is held by an Individual named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg who basically serves people with humour.
  3. 5-minute crafts:- Known for the do it yourself videos, 5-minute crafts have received an enormous audience. They come up with life hacks and how to crafts so that people can learn from it and do things for themselves. It doesn’t try to do anything differently yet has a significant fan

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