Top 5 Failed Mobile Phones Of All Time

Mobile companies enjoy a great success the majority of the times. However, there have been a few instances where mobile phones launch went terrible and the product failed miserably to collect any sort of revenue. Here are the top 5 failed mobile phones of all time:-

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7:– Talking about a phone which had everything to offer, all the features in the books were there with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But because of the heating problems which could result in the explosion as well, this phone didn’t serve the market for too long.
  2. Kyocera Echo:- A dual-screen phone, it was really a mess. The hype behind the phone was second to none but it did not live up to the hype at all.
  3. LG Double play:- LG was a great seller of the keypad phones. Suddenly, it decided to move into something new and fresh and decided to come up with a model which had a full-size touch screen and a slider keypad. It came up with LG Double play and nothing about the phone was right.
  4. Motorola Back flip:- A very outrageous concept of back flip was introduced by Motorola in the early 2010s and it basically tanked for them.
  5. Freedom 251:- No one remembers this phone anymore but it was the most talked about phone back in 2016. The most searched phone on Google, it didn’t even arrive at the market and the owner had to get arrested in the process as well.

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