What bond do markets tell us about China’s economy?

There’s no doubt China is the most earning economy in the entire world. China in recent years has surpassed the USA in so many aspects regarding trade which has resulted in a trade war amidst the countries.

China is slightly ahead in the trade war as of yet and that speaks volumes where the country’s economy stands right now.
China’s bond market is one of the highlighted reason behind China’s economic glory.

Valued at $12 trillion, it is the third largest market in the entire world. Although the value is lesser than that of the US’s bond market, it is increasing on a rapid scale than the US bond market.

In fact, it is increasing on a twice faster rate than that of the US & might exceed the bond market of Japan anytime soon.
China’s bond market allows for foreign investments and the number has been exceptionally good over the years. Investors from foreign countries are looking to invest in China’s bond market more than the countrymen itself.

The reason can be the incredible rise in China’s economy over the years. The production has gone high and so has the sales. It directly or indirectly has an output on the bond market of the country.
If China’s bond market keeps on getting bigger and bigger day by day, there’s no doubt the country will have a better economic condition than the USA in the years to come. There are a lot of factors to be considered and if the bond market keeps on becoming healthier, the economy will keep growing!

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